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RemovalsRichmondUponThames have impressed us twice now. Highly recommend. From booking to moving, the entire experience was professional and seamless.
Shantel Lamb15/07/2024
Richmond Upon Thames Removal Service is top-notch! I've used them about half a dozen times with consistently great results. The movers are polite, and jobs are accepted with no delays. They've gathered items from estate sales and furniture stores smoothly.
Marvin Everett05/07/2024
The Richmond Upon Thames Removal Company team provided an excellent service for the move and storage at their warehouse. Professional and quick responses.
A. Rhoads29/05/2024
They take the time to understand your needs and tailor their services accordingly.
Deontae M.16/05/2024
With each move, we've come to appreciate Richmond Upon Thames Removal Service's professionalism and attention to detail even more.
Nautica M.22/04/2024
This mover made sure to cater to all my specific requests during the move.
Rex R.11/03/2024
Look no further for your moving needs - this company is amazing! Their communication was top-notch and they made sure all my belongings were safely transported. And their prices are surprisingly affordable.
Augustus Manuel28/02/2024
Went above and beyond expectations to go out of their way to help, provided various solutions, took me step by step through every stage and flawlessly transferred me without any worries or issues. Thank you for your support and I would definitely recommend you.
B. Brockman11/02/2024
We were impressed by the care and precision shown by Richmond Upon Thames Removals during our move. Our grand home was moved without any issues within twenty-four hours.
E. Clay01/02/2024
The team of movers exceeded our expectations with their professionalism and efficiency, making our move stress-free and easy. Not to mention, it was great that they could work with us on a weekend like Sunday.
Hayden Westbrook22/01/2024
Fantastic service all around! The organization was quick and attentive to details, while the team on the day impressed me with their kindness, caution and swift execution.
A. Hebert05/01/2024
All the workers were cordial, skilled, and full of warmth - just what you'd wish for in a moving company. Unparalleled value for money, and I wouldn't think twice about employing them once more.
K. McCombs18/12/2023
Richmond Upon Thames Removal Company have been incredible! The first survey team was immensely helpful, learned and comforting. They responded well to sudden date changes. An abundance of boxes and packing supplies showed up instantly. The group on the move were very talented, rapid and precise.
Kaitlyn Monahan05/07/2023
Having to move at the last minute, Removals Richmond Upon Thames were incredibly swift and helpful arrangers. The removal team were prompt, responsive and courteous. House moved within four hours! Would definitely recommend!
A. Cuevas22/02/2023
I was over the moon with the unpacking that Richmond Upon Thames Removal Service did when I fell and hurt my back in the middle of moving house. I just couldn't face the chore so called at last minute and the company sent their packers out to deal with it. Wonderful service and cheap!
G. Thomson21/04/2016
Richmond Upon Thames Removals were involved with my business relocation and did a simply fantastic job. Very professional, brilliant time management, and quick and efficient. I shall be recommending them to all my business contacts, as well as my friends and family.
Chloe U.31/07/2015
When I heard of my acceptance at the University, I was excited and started looking for companies to help me with my dorm removals. Although I just have three pieces of luggage, I still needed transportation and some help lifting the bags. With a small budget, I started making some calls and eventually zeroed in on Movers Richmond Upon Thames - the only company that offered a deal that didn't feel like a daylight robbery. It was a great service at a great price.
Markel Pulido27/04/2015
I hired RemovalsRichmondUponThames to manage the office removal for my business during a weekend and have to say that the service I received was second to none. With a comprehensive packing and unpacking service, my furniture and files were moved quickly and efficiently, ready for re-opening on Monday morning. Every little detail was taken care of so that there was no inconvenience to my customers or disruption to my business sales! I would definitely use them again in the future!
Darin J.06/01/2015
I can't believe how easy moving house is when someone else does your packing for you! I was dreading moving house because I just couldn't find the motivation to pack. I didn't even know you could get packing services, but RemovalsRichmondUponThames offered me a great price for what was a really professional and efficient packing service. I'd thoroughly recommend this company if you're moving and if you're like me and can't stand packing! Unpacking was really easy thanks to my packers - they labelled everything really clearly! Thank you!
K. Maas22/10/2014
Knowing full well that we couldn't do the job ourselves, I was after a cheap removals company, who would be able to get us moved for a price that would keep us under budget. We found RemovalsRichmondUponThames and went with them because of the quote, expecting that we'd have to help out to make it all work. However, the job was sorted in no time, and in a more efficient way than any of our previous removals! A miracle if ever there was one!
Luna Cathey10/09/2014
If you are worried that your removal is going to be too much for you to handle, then there is a high chance that you are right! Moves are really complicated, simple because of how much there is to get shifted, and if you don't have the right removals company on your side then you are in trouble! I use RemovalsRichmondUponThames for my moves, and have done for a few of them over the years. They are reliable, good value and very nice guys as well. I would recommend that anyone looking for a stress free, well priced removal should talk to them immediately.
Cesar N.27/08/2014
I hope that my recommendation does not fall on deaf ears, as I really do feel that RemovalsRichmondUponThames are well worth knowing about! You will rarely have a better time with a removals company, not that you would be looking to! I found them to be above the rest in terms of ensuring that I felt confident and relaxed about the incoming removal, and the confidence was well placed in that they got everything done with ease and precision, no fuss, no bother. A great removal!
Amara B.16/07/2014
Being on a budget and looking for the best deal I came across RemovalsRichmondUponThames and they were worth every penny I paid for their services. They gave me helpful advice on how many boxes I needed for my house move, which size van I required and how long the move would take. The day of the move went nice and smoothly, the removal men were very polite, professional and courteous. The company even helped me arrange the parking from my old property to my new one. I am very pleased with the company and glad I paid for such a good service.
Tyra R.25/06/2014
I only moved around the corner, it was literally like 100 meters away in the next street, I contemplated carrying everything to the new house to cut costs as I really didn't want to pay for removals when I was not moving very far. Although I was going to do this, I was dreading the amount of hard work involved which is why I considered a removal company in the end, I chose RemovalsRichmondUponThames because they offered the best price for this short distance removal and they were brilliant, I'm glad I used them now as it would have taken me days to complete this task and they did it all in 2 hours!
Baylee Lazo02/06/2014
Just a great service all round. Came across these guys when we were half moved, and needed a firm to pick up the pieces left by the cowboy mover we unfortunately wasted so much time and money on! RemovalsRichmondUponThames thankfully restored my ailing faith in removal companies with their professionalism, dedication and courteousness. They were always a mere phonecall away to allay our concerns, answer questions or offer us vital support. We were treated like kings at a rate a pauper could afford. Not a single complaint from me! Truly the stuff of legends.
Leah Rainey21/05/2014
I was always going to be something of a tricky customer and after ringing several removals companies I could almost hear the sigh as I told them that we had two snooker tables that needed moving. Not pool tables, snooker tables. Bigger. There was a sigh and then an exorbitant price and probably a relieved smile when I said goodbye. The only company who were not only happy to help but were able to quote me a great price were RemovalsRichmondUponThames. With them on my side, we got moved into the new home in no time at all.
S. Platt19/03/2014
So when it comes to moving house, I've never found anyone better than RemovalsRichmondUponThames. They made a big difference to my wife and I, helping us to move in a really quick, really efficient manner that meant that we were moved in in no time at all. I'd have thought there was only so many ways to run a removal firm, but I was legitimately impressed with how they went the extra mile in order to make sure that we were happy. With so much going on, getting the right help is great.
N. Parent07/02/2014
I needed to hire a removal van to get some belongings taken from my sister's house to my own, but every company that I looked in to seemed to be way out of my price range! After doing a lot of research into removal companies and removal services I finally stumbled across RemovalsRichmondUponThames and was able to hire a removal van that I could afford! I have nothing bad to say about the service I received, which was really professional and friendly, and I was able to get everything I needed without any fuss or worry. Thanks so much!
Theo C.22/01/2014
I would recommend RemovalsRichmondUponThames to everyone out there who needs to move house in the coming months. They are excellent. I hired them on the basis that they were extremely cheap, and was then very surprised by the fact that they were incredibly hard working and very skilled as well! The team got on with their work in a structured and well mannered way, so I was very happy that I had gone with my gut and hired them. Highly suggest that you do the same!
Cedrick Bock09/01/2014

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